About Me

YoKo has spent more than 9 years (from total of more than 12 years) in information security field, focused in risk from security testing point of view. He has served in technical role as technical lead security consultant for many security testing projects at banking & other financial industries, healthcare, distribution, logistic, manufacture, mining, and pharmacy.

Besides being an Independent Security Consultant and Subject Matter Expert (for various event), he also trying to make and develop things that hopefully could helpful in information security field.

At October 2019 (together with Faisal Yudo), he successfully created an ebook that could be used for readers to learn the Web Application Security Testing topic (from the bug hunting point of view). Was completed with the very basic explanation, the ebook also covers the various techniques (recon and attack) with various real cases from around the world. https://leanpub.com/bughunting101 (Available for free).

Apart from that, he also has done some researches with his colleagues to find any security vulnerability inside each web, mobile, and desktop apps. Adobe, Apple, Avast, Bitdefender, Blackberry, FortiNet, Lenovo, McAfee, Motorola, PayPal, Samsung, and TrendMicro are few lists from his researches that has been acknowledged and few of them can be seen at his personal blog at http://firstsight.me or https://medium.com/@YoKoKho

At 2018, he has been acknowledged as one of the MVP Researcher from Bugcrowd – one of the leading bug bounty platform in the world – https://bugcrowd.com/YoKoKho. And as of 05th Feb, 2020, YoKo finally reach top 100 (rank #65) at Bugcrowd.

Reach YoKo at: Twitter | Linkedin | Email: yk[at]firstsight.me

Additional Notes:
Since there are few social media accounts that showing up as “YoKo Kho” or “YoKo Acc”, then here is the clarification about the list of social media accounts that I have. Please kindly note, I have no other social media accounts except:
Twitter: @YoKoAcc (public) / @yokokho (private)
Medium: @YoKoKho
Youtube: /channel/UCRd846B8EyUROUSeA9da_xg
Facebook: /yoko.kho (inactive – restricted from public)
Google Plus: /+YoKoKho (inactive)
Instagram: @yoko.kho (inactive)
YourAcclaim: /user/yoko


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